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PDA Real Estate Investment Analysis Software
Real Estate Investment Analysis Software for your PDA

Providing comprehensive life-cycle projections of commercial and residential income properties.

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The Infamous BS Generator for the Palm PDA...

BS-o-Matic Box

Now Available! 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Brackets!
2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Brackets!
2012 NIT Men's Basketball Brackets!
Use free through the 64 team Round of the Mens Tourney!
March Madness Tournament Pool Software

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The MadnessManager

PDA Tournament Pool Management Software

Download a free trial
Get Game Result Updates
Buy Now! Only $10

If you used our software to track the conference championships, you know that the Madness Manager is great software at a great price...

The Madness Manager is the only PDA software that offers:

  • Update files with game results
  • Customizable scoring schemes for base points and upset bonuses
  • A Sweet 16 - Second Chance Pool
  • Downloadable Brackets for the Pro Playoffs -- Basketball, Baseball & Football
  • Tournament brackets that you can enter yourself -- it will never be obsolete!
  • Extensive help screens and on-line technical support resources

Our trial version is fully functional* and allows entry of up to 10 pools, with up to 100 players per pool. We even include (when available):

  • Free Tournament Results Uploads
  • Free Mens Basketball Brackets
  • Free Womens Basketball Brackets
  • Free Post-Season NIT Brackets
* Demo version does not allow revision or customization of tournament brackets, and will disable all scoring and tracking functions after the 64 team round (formerly 1st round) of the NCAA Tournament.

Go ahead and download our trial version NOW!!
Use it on the conference championships, right through the 64 team round of the NCAA tourney!

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