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Real Estate Geek Companion Excel Spreadsheet

Installation and Troubleshooting

Some version of this worksheet has been in use with our Real Estate consulting group in one form or another since the mid-80's. In 2001, the Real Estate analysis functionality was migrated to Palm PDA devices. Since the worksheets were hanging around, and since there is no reliable method to copy protect them. we give it away as a bonus with purchase of the PDA software.

The companion Excel spreadsheet and add-in are intended to be used on your desktop or laptop computer, and provide the ability to download real estate data from your PDA to your PC for printing and further analysis. The Excel spreadsheet is not intended to be used on your PDA.

Basic Installation Instructions

  1. Copy the worksheet(.xls) and add-in(.xla) files to your computer. Typically, the .xla add-in files are found in the /Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/Library folder, but you can copy the REgeek.xla to any desired folder.
  2. Launch Microsoft Excel and open the Real Estate Geek worksheet. From the Excel Menu, select the 'Tool' item, then 'Add-Ins'. Then 'Browse' to the location of the REgeek.xla file, highlight the file, then select 'OK'. Click 'Yes' if you are prompted to replace the location. Click 'OK' to close the Add-In window.
  3. If the Real Estate Geek toolbar is not visible, click the 'View' menu item, then 'Toolbars' and check the Real Estate Geek item.

To reduce the possible problems with the worksheet template, it is critical that:

  1. The macro security setting for Excel is "Medium". To check this setting, launch Excel. From the menu, select "Tools >> "Options" >> "Security" tab, then the "Macro Security" button.
  2. If the Real Estate Geek toolbar is displayed when you first launch Excel. Remove it by selecting "Tools", then "Customize", then from the "Toolbar" tab, browse for the Real Estate Geek toolbar. Highlight it, then click the "Delete" button.
  3. The Real Estate Geek Add-in is installed BEFORE you attempt to open the worksheet template. In our testing, it seemed that fewer problems were encountered if Excel was closed then relaunched after installation of the add-in or changing of the macro security settings. If, on relaunch, you get an "enable macro" message, the Add-in has been installed properly.

Installation Troubleshooting

Installation of the Excel add-in can be problematic as application preferences tend to vary from PC to PC, which sometimes conflicts with the Add-in settings. We didn't want to be invasive with an automated installation of the REGeek Add-in, since for many investors, Excel is one of their most used applications, and often they have it set-up just the way they like it.

If you find #NAME or #VALUE errors throughout the Real Estate sample spreadsheet, or cannot use the Real Estate Geek toolbar, here some items to check, and possible solutions to installation problems with the companion Excel worksheet and Add-in.

  1. Launch Excel on your PC, but do not open the Real Estate Spreadsheet.
  2. From the menu, click "Tools" then "Add-Ins". Make sure that the Real Estate Geek Add-in is checked. Click "Browse" and browse for the location of the reGeek.xla file (this is the add-in file). When you find it, highlight it and click "OK". If you get a prompt to replace the existing file, click "Yes". Click "OK" to close the Add-in Dialog window.
  3. When you place your cursor over the Real Estate Geek toolbar icons, a tooltip should specific RE Geek prompts. If not, then somehow, the assignment of the icon to the code it launchs has been scrambled. If you have turned off the tooltip prompt, you can turn it on by clicking "Tools" from the menu, then "Customize", then under the "Options" tab, check the "Show screen tips" item. While this window is still open, you can go to the next step... skipping over the first sentence which opens this window.
  4. From the menu, click "Tools" then "Customize". Under the "Toolbar" tab, make sure that the Real Estate Geek toolbar is checked. Highlight the Real Estate Geek entry, then click "Attach". Verify that the Real Estate Geek shows in both windows. If not, click "Copy", then "OK", then close the customize window.

The previous steps verify that all the parts to the add-in have been installed properly, and that Excel can find all the code at the assigned locations. Also, make sure the security setting is set to "medium", and be sure to close and reopen Excel to apply the setting. If you still get the #NAME error, chances are the toolbar assignments is scrambled.

To fix this...
  1. Open the RE Geek sample worksheet.
  2. From the main menu, select "Tools" then "Customize". With the customize window open, right click on the first button of the RE Geek tool group. A popup menu will appear. Select "Assign Macro".
  3. In the Assign Macro window, input "LaunchForm" (without the quotes) as the macro name, verify that "Macros in:" (near bottom of the window) shows "All Open Workbooks". Click dropdown and correct if necessary. Click "OK" when complete.
  4. Right click the second button of the RE Geek tool group, select "Assign Macro" and repeat the process in step 3, inputting "LaunchPalmWiz" (without the quotes) as the macro name.
  5. Right click the last button of the RE Geek tool group, select "Assign Macro" and repeat the process in step 3, inputting "LaunchGeekInfo" (without the quotes) as the macro name.
  6. Close the Customize window, and you should be good to go. You should be now be able to use the Add-in tools to change the sample Real Estate worksheet, and all copies of the worksheet, as you wish.
Copyright 2001 - 2004 E. Chan & All rights reserved.
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