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The Real Estate Geek uses an analysis methodology similar to the analysis for any investment. It evaluate cash flows generated by an investment, generates return values which can then be compared to returns from other forms of investments. This methodology is a standard and widely accepted investment valuation technique.

Evaluation of Real Estate Investments is an art and a science. The science aspect is the dry, mechanical, number crunching which the Real Estate Geek is designed to facilitate. The art is the understanding of the economic drivers (such as the potential of value-added to a property, the "highest and best" use of a property, or the most beneficial leverage structure) which leads to successful investment results.

References to these sites are for informational and educational purposes only, and does not make any representation to any person as to the quality or suitability for any purpose of any financial or investment product or professional services offered by that site.

Glossary of Real Estate Terminology: Educational Resources:
  • CCIM - Continuing Education Program. CCIM is an organization for Commercial Real Estate Professionals. You can probably find similar Real Estate programs offered by Continuing Education departments of your local college or university.
  • Finance Textbooks. This site provides several texts, with brief reviews of each. One of the better titles for understanding the analysis principles behind the Real Estate Geek is "The Principles of Corporate Finance" by Brealey and Myers, and it is a good geeky reference to have around.
Financial Analysis Principles/General Commercial RE Investment Information: The Articles from these sites provide general information. We are not endorsing any services, or products offered by these sites.
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