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Real Estate Geek
Real Estate Investment Analysis Software for your PDA

Providing comprehensive life-cycle projections of commercial and residential income properties.


PDA software to help you reach your cardiac fitness goals

Use the stopwatch functions of your PDA for measuring heart rate during your workout, as well as recording and graphing speed, intensity and other training session data.

Madness Manager

Manage your tournament pools, as well as your own pool picks from your PDA! Customizable for ANY single-elimination tournament with up to 64 teams/entities, including the NCAAs...



The BS Generator for your Palm PDA

BS like a High Priced Consultant!!
Speak Geek... instantly!!

  • Experience the thrill as eyes glaze over when you open your mouth!
  • Marvel at the knowing nods, followed by the befuddled looks when you speak at your next business meeting!!
  • Never again be at a loss for words when the Boss asks for your opinion -- even if you have a monster hangover and a working braincell is about as scarce as a feminist in the Taliban...

Thousands of Uses!!

Business Presentations!
Dinner with the In-Laws!

Best of all... the BS-o-Matic is FREE!!

That's right, absolutely free. No nag screens, no time limits. Just our small part in making the world a better place by spreading around a bit of... fertilizer.

Inspired by the Web Economy Bullshit Generator at, then improved to feature COMPOUNDING. Instead of generating a single BS phrase, you can really "Pile it on". Several people wrote us asking for an easy way to export their BS, so in the latest version, we've added a feature where you can highlight a particularly... odoriferous... passage and copy it to the memo pad for future use... like in your resume or business plan.

Try the other aromas of
the FREE BS-o-Matic!!!

Not everyone is a web techie... so here are some new versions of the infamous BS-o-Matic...
Sports Arts
Sports BS Sports BS

Download the Original Tech Biz Freeware Version of the BS-o-Matic

Download the Sports Freeware Version of the BS-o-Matic

Download the Artsy Freeware Version of the BS-o-Matic

Of course, once you use the BS-o-Matic ... you might find that the phrases aren't exactly applicable for your particular situation or industry. Just for you, we offer a shareware version which lets you customize the words and phrases used to construct the BS and switch between multiple word lists... If you've loaded more than one aroma of the BS-o-Matic, you'll save a significant amount of RAM with the shareware version All this available for a paltry sum of $5.00. Come on, if you had fun with the BS-o-Matic -- don't be a cheapskate... buy us a beer! We accept all major credit cards and PayPal e-checks.

We are Equal Opportunity Geeks!!

For the PDA impaired, we offer the "BS-o-Matic, Internet Version" so everyone can join in on the fertilizing fun.
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