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Madness Manager Software Tips and Tricks

Managing your Pools

Tournament Pool ListFrom the startup screen, click on "Pools" to display the Pool Management screen. The pools lists all the pools stored in the MadnessManager. From this display, you maintain the all the pool information, add new pools, and delete pools. The demo version limits the pool list to 10, while the full version allows 40 pools. Each pool can have upto 100 entries.

To view, add or revise player's entries for a pool, highlight the pool from the pool list, then tap the 'Admin' button. To view or revise the setup of the pool, highlight the pool from the pool list, then tap the 'Setup' button. The 'Scores' button will display the current and potential scores for the pool, and the 'Prizes' button provides setup and status information regarding prize distribution of the pool's proceeds. The 'Delete' option will remove the selected pool and all of the players information, and cannot be undone once completed.

The 'Copy' button launches a feature which will copy all the player contact information from an existing pool into a new pool. Picks, tiebreak, and participation information are unique to a tournament and are not copied to the new pool.

A Tourney Error generated when trying to open pool information is probably due to deletion of the associated Tournament information in the Tourney list. Chances are the pool is no longer active and should be deleted from the Pool list. However, you may retain an inactive pool to save player rosters, and copy it to a new pool saving time and effort in setting up a pool.

Setting up your Pools

Tournament Pool Setup Screen From the startup screen, click on "Pools" to show the list of Pools, then "New" to setup a new Pool, or highlight a Pool in the list then click "Setup" to change the Pool information. This form is used for input and revision of the pool setup information. All pool names must be unique. After the initial setup of the pool, the pool name and associated tournament cannot be changed. To revise this information, you copy the pool with a new name and/or a different tournament. From the pool list screen.

If a 64 team tournament is in progress and has been played to the Sweet 16, you can select that tournament for a 2nd Chance pool by checking the 2nd Chance box. 2nd Chance pools will be noted at the bottom of the screen

Upon exiting the screen, you will be prompted to save the form information.

Setting-up Pool Players

Tournament Pool Players Setup Screen To enter or change player information or player picks, highlight the pool from the pool list then click "Admin".

The players administration list displays all the players' entries for a selected pool. From this display, you can add a new entry in the pool by selecting the 'new' button, view the player/entry information highlighting a player then selecting the 'info' button, view the picks by highlighting a player then selecting the 'pick' button, or delete an entry by highlighting a player then selecting the 'delete' button.

For convenience, the phone number associated with the entry/player is listed, as well a status of the entry fee (if any). The status of the entry fee can be updated directly from this screen, providing a quick display of participation for the pool manager.

Pool entries are globally locked or unlocked by tapping the 'lock icon' button located in the upper right corner of the screen. A green check indicates that entries are unlocked and changes can be made to their picks and tiebreaker information. Contact and participation information can be changed regardless of pool lock status. A red circle and bar symbol indicates the pool is locked. The bracket display graphically showing wins and losses is enabled only if the pool is locked.

The red '' displayed to the left of a player's name indicates an incomplete entry. Picks have not been fully completed, or tiebreaker information has not been filled out.

Setting-up Individual Player's Information

Pool Player Information Setup Screen From the player's list, click "New" or highlight a player's name then click "Info" to view the screen used for input of the player's contact and initial pick information. All players names must be unique within a the same pool. If there are multiple entries in the pool by a player, you will need to add a number or or other designator to the player's name to make it unique.

You can input picks by clicking on the 'Picks' button in the lower right corner of the screen, or add/revise them at a later date from the pool administration screen.

You will be prompted to save this form's information upon exiting this screen or when you click the 'picks' button.

Setting-up Individual Player's Picks

Pool Player Bracket Picks To enter pick information for an individual player, highlight a player's name then click "Picks", or clicking on "Picks" when you initially set-up a player's information.

This screen is used for input, update and display of tournament results or player picks.

Select picks or winners by tapping on the team. Your pick will automatically be displayed in bracket. If you change a pick that results in changes in subsequent rounds of the tournament, those picks will be reset.

The 'More' button in the lower right corner displays the top or bottom portion of a region, or the next 8 teams in a grouping of 16 teams. Rounds are scrolled forward or back using the arrows in the bottom center of the screen. You can display specific regions by tapping on the region buttons at the top of the screen (if the tournament has more than 16 teams). To reset all picks displayed on the screen, tap the reset button in in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you want to run 'what-if' scenarios for your pools, you can update and save a 'what-if' tournament result, then look at the pool scores to see what happens. When you are finished with your analysis, just reset and save the Tourney result brackets to reflect the games to be played.

When displaying bracket pick results, winners are shown in green, losers in grey, and games to be determined in blue. Monochrome devices show losers with a strikeout through the team name. The is no graphical difference winning teams and games to be determined in monochrome devices. Bracket pick results are displayed if the pool has been locked, otherwise, the bracket is shown in entry/update format.

Setting-up Prize Distributions

Pool Prize set-up This form is used for setup, revision or displaying status of prize distributions for a pool. The total prize amount represents the cost per entry as defined in the pool setup, multiplied by the number of entries, less any administration fee charged by the pool manager. The administration fee can be set as a flat dollar amount or a percentage. The total prize and number of entries are calculated values and cannot be revised.

The MadnessManager allows distribution of the prize to a maximum of the top 10 players. Distributions are automatically calculated, with revisions to the prize setup recalculated when the 'Recalculate' button is tapped.

After final scores and winners of the tournament are entered, you can view the winners list by tapping the 'View Winners' button. Tapping the 'view' button in the winners table is open the player information screen so that you easily access the winner's contact information.

Updating Tournament Results

Update game results You can update tournament game results either manually or by downloading tourney updates (if available). During March and April, all the major conference brackets, the NCAA Men's and Women's college championship, and the post-season NIT are included in the Madness Manager Update files. Results downloads are best used in the early rounds of the tournament where several scores need to be updated. More information on this feature...

For the later rounds of a tournament, manually updating a few game results is much faster and less bother than uploading the result file and syncing to your PDA. To manually update game results, select "Tournaments" from the opening screen, then highlight the tournament you want to update in the tournament list, then tap "Manual Update". From the bracket display, tap on the winning team to update. Game results will be automatically saved when you close the update screen.

Viewing Pool Scores

Pool Score display Players are listed by highest current score. Potential score is also noted, but is not used in calculation of the current pool rankings. Tapping the 'view' button displays the brackets for the player, showing their correct and incorrect picks. Tapping the 'memo' button in the upper right part of the screen will write the displayed pool scores to a memo or text file -- depending on PDA platform.

Data Input Shortcuts

One of the more difficult tasks with a PDA is entering data, especially if you don't have a keyboard -- the the tiny one thumb variety or a fold-out version. With that in mind, the Madness Manager was designed with several features to help you minimize the tedious task of data entry.

  • Use standard cut, copy and paste functions. In our Palm version, use the stroke-X, stroke-C or stroke-P graffiti shortcuts for the cut, copy and paste commands, or select the commands from the "Edit" menu.
  • Use the copy button from the Pool List display to copy all the players' information to a new pool. You will be prompted for a unique name and tournament set-up information for this new pool. Once saved, this new pool has all the players included from the original pool. If you run a pool for each of the major conference championships, set-up your first pool with all the usual players, then copy that pool roster for all conference pools -- or for the big NCAA tourney. I have a few massive pools that I've entered for groups of friends or the usual participants at the office that I use over and over as a template for new pools. It is a lot easier to click on the delete button to take out a player who isn't participating in that particular pool than having to add their information.

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