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Presenting the most versatile and easiest to use PDA Pool Software on the market...

Track and Manage ANY single elimination Tournament Pool!!
College or Pros
Basketball - Baseball - Football - Golf - Tennis

March Madness Tournament Pool Software

The MadnessManager

PDA Tournament Pool Management Software

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Manage your tournament pools, as well as your own pool picks from your PDA! If you are in charge of an office pool, or are a participant with multiple entries in multiple pools, this is the tool to get a handle on the Madness.

Customizable for ANY single-elimination tournament with up to 64 teams/entities. Input your own tournament information or download our templates for popular NCAA, conference and professional sports championships. Update results yourself, or download updates from our website at

With the MadnessManager you can...

  • Set up your own pools with your own scoring scheme based on scoring weights per round, team seed, or a combination of the two.
  • Provide upset bonus scoring.
  • Offer a 2nd Chance pool, based on the Sweet 16 teams with the automated 2nd Chance option.
  • Setup and calculate prize distributions.
  • Track and score pool entries.
  • Maintain tournament results.
  • Store contact information on pool participants.
  • Monitor the contribution status of the pool.


Our demo version is preloaded with the 2010 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship, 2010 Womens Basketball Championship, 2010 Post-season NIT brackets, and 2011 Major College Conference Basketball Championship brackets. The demo version does not allow you to add or delete your tournament information, and will disable all scoring and tracking functions after the 64 team round of the NCAA Tournament.

The full version allows for customization of tournaments, entry of up to 20 tournaments, 40 pools, and both versions allow for up to 100 players per pool.

Go ahead and use our trial version NOW, on real pools, real games!

Manage pools for all sorts of Tournaments, including:
  • Major Conference Mens Basketball Championships
  • NCAA Mens Basketball
  • NCAA Womens Basketball
  • Post-Season NIT
  • NBA Playoffs
  • Major League Baseball Playoffs
  • NFL Football Playoffs
The MadnessManager features:
  • An easy to use, easy to understand, easy to navigate and easy to operate screens.
  • Easy copying of pool information with associated participants to new pool, meaning a lot less data entry.
  • Linking to your Palm contact list for tap entry of pool players -- even LESS data entry. (Palm OS only)
  • Automated verification for incomplete entries.
  • Bracket resets so you can run "what-if" analysis, or quickly clear out input mistakes.
  • Straightforward and uncluttered bracket display with color coded display of results (or a strikeout of losing teams for monochrome PDAs).
  • Extensive on-board help files and tips for operating your tournament pool.
  • Tech Support and tips from our website.
  • Automatically update tournament results with downloadable game updates.

Download the MadnessManager demo now, free. Try it thru the 64 team round of the NCAA Men's Championships!

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