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Updating Game Results

For the early rounds of the NCAA and NIT tournaments, the easiest way to update game results is to let us do the work with our game result uploads. We post these upload file overnight, usually within a few hours of the end of the last game for the day. Later on, when game results involve only a few game, you will find that using the manual update feature is less of a hassle than having to get on-line and download the result file.

Uploading Game Results - Step-by-step instructions

  • Before you start make sure you are using the latest version of the Madness Manager software. Version information is displayed on the intial Madness Manager screen where you can select "Tournaments" or "Pools"
    • Palm PDAs - Version 2.0 or higher. Here are download links for the latest version for Windows or for MAC desktops.
    • Pocket PC and Windows Mobile PDAs - Version 2.2 Download latest version here. Software downloaded before March 15, 2006 will need to be updated to the latest version to use the file upload feature.
    Follow the prompts to overwrite the previous version of the software. Player, pool and software information already entered in your PDA will not be effected.
  • Download tourney update files here, selecting the correct version for your PDA.
  • Run the downloaded file from your desktop For Windows PC, the download file will automatically install the update information to the PDA on the next sync event.
  • Wireless file upload directly to your PDA is available for wireless Palm devices such as Treos, through their wireless internet access feature.

    You cannot use the wireless option if your tournament list does not includes NCAA Mens, NCAA Womens, and NIT brackets. The standard tourney update for Palm devices will add these brackets to the tournament list.

    TIP: You can also use this option to download to any Palm device, using "Quick Install" from the Palm Desktop to transfer the file from your PC to PDA.

Manually Update Game Results - Step-by-step instructions
  • Open the "Tournament" screen.
  • Select the tournament to update from the list displayed.
  • Tap the "Manual Update" button.
  • Navigate through the bracket display, tap the winning team to record the winner.
  • Results are saved when you close the bracket display.
  • TIP: You can reset the results displayed on the screen by tapping the curved arrow icon at the top of the screen. You can use this feature to run "what-if" scenarios by entering projected game winners, then saving the results, and viewing the point standings in the pool. Just remember to go back and use the reset to clear out the "what-if" results.
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